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Tahmin, C.I., Tahsin C.T., Wattero, R., Ahmed, Z., Corbin, C., Carter, J.R., Park, J., Racette, S.B., Sullivan, S.S., Herr, M.D., & Fonkoue, I. T. (2024). Blunted brachial blood flow velocity response to acute mental stress in PTSD females. Physiological Reports 12(13):e16137.


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Tahsin, C. T., Michopoulos, V., Powers, A., Park, J., Ahmed, Z., Cullen, K., Jenkins, N. D. M., Keller-Ross, M., & Fonkoue, I. T. (2023). Sleep efficiency and PTSD symptom severity predict microvascular endothelial function and arterial stiffness in young, trauma-exposed women. American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology, 325(4), H739–H750.


Fonkoue I.T., Tahsin CT, Jones TN, King KN, Tahmin CI, Jeong J, Dixon D, DaCosta DR, Park J. (2023) Sex differences in Black Veterans with PTSD: women versus men have higher sympathetic activity, inflammation, and blunted cardiovagal baroreflex sensitivity. Clinical Autonomic Research. Epub ahead of print. 


Seligowski, A. V., Fonkoue, I. T., Noble, N. C., Dixon, D., Gluck, R., Kim, Y. J., Powers, A., Pace, T. W. W., Jovanovic, T., Umpierrez, G., Ressler, K. J., Quyyumi, A. A., Michopoulos, V., & Gillespie, C. F. (2022). Vagal control moderates the association between endothelial function and PTSD symptoms in women with T2DM. Brain, behavior, & immunity - health, 26, 100527.


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